Unicorn's Value

Unicorns – What’s the Value?

Much of the business news in 2019 reported on privately-held companies with a market valuation of a billion dollars or more – the so-called unicorns. The news, however, was generally…

Funding – Product Versus Services Company

In last week’s blog, I discussed one of the many questions that investors often ask: “What is your market size?” Surprisingly, many companies cannot properly answer this question. This week…
The Right Materials

Pursuing Funding – Have the Right Materials

The previous two blogs described a startup that has done its customer discovery, developed its MVP (“minimum viable product,” not “most valuable player”), assembled an awesome management team, and is…
Equity Compensation

Pursuing Funding – Know Your Cap Table

You have a great idea, you’ve developed a prototype product, you’ve done customer discovery, and you’ve assembled an awesome management team – congratulations! Now you need outside funding to continue…