Words To The Wise

Series Seed Investments – Words to the Wise

As discussed in my previous blog, Series Seed documents are typically more appropriate for seed investments than the more complex and burdensome NVCA forms. However, since the initial release of…
Unicorn's Value

Unicorns – What’s the Value?

Much of the business news in 2019 reported on privately-held companies with a market valuation of a billion dollars or more – the so-called unicorns. The news, however, was generally…

Funding – Product Versus Services Company

In last week’s blog, I discussed one of the many questions that investors often ask: “What is your market size?” Surprisingly, many companies cannot properly answer this question. This week…
The Right Materials

Pursuing Funding – Have the Right Materials

The previous two blogs described a startup that has done its customer discovery, developed its MVP (“minimum viable product,” not “most valuable player”), assembled an awesome management team, and is…