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RSUS in Pandemic

RSUs in a Pandemic

In recent years, restricted stock units (RSUs) have grown in popularity as a way for companies to provide employee compensation that helps align the employees’ and the company’s long-term interests.…
Unicorn's Value

Unicorns – What’s the Value?

Much of the business news in 2019 reported on privately-held companies with a market valuation of a billion dollars or more – the so-called unicorns. The news, however, was generally…
Fintech Event
Atlanta Events

TAG FinTech Event

Earlier this month the TAG Corporate Development Society held a great event (as usual). It featured a panel of CEOs of fintech companies who discussed how they have used innovation,…
Japan America Society Event
Atlanta Events

Japan America Society Event

I’ve had the privilege to be involved in many aspects of international business dating back to the 1990s when I moved to Atlanta to accept an in-house legal position at…